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Real hause webcam online

For some reason, the video was very choppy and also pixelated.The program has a slider bar that lets you move it from Better Frame Rate to Better Image Quality, but neither one worked too well.I thought it had something to do with the computer or my Wi-Fi network, but when I installed the other two apps I am about to mention, the video quality was much better and the delay was usually under a second.I still recommend this app because it’s very highly rated and it could have just been some issue with my setup.I would have preferred Jumi Cam over Air Cam if only they had an optimized i Pad version since the price is a lot better.So those are three apps you can use to wireless stream your webcam to your i Phone or i Pad.The other big downside to Jumi Cam is that it only has software that will run on Windows and not Mac.Air Cam and i Cam have both Windows and Mac software.

The program has quite a few options, including the ability to choose your resolution, which really made a big difference. It’s a little unpolished in the sense that when you start viewing a video stream, there is no way to go back to the main menu!Jumi Cam is also .99 and also had very good video quality, even better than Air Cam.The big downside to Jumi Cam in my opinion is that the i Pad app just displays the i Phone app window.The i Pad version of the app is also designed to use the bigger screen real estate, so that’s a plus.Overall, the process was easy to setup, but I was not happy with the quality of the video.

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The quality of the video is where Jumi Cam stands out.

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