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You will not be eligible for a refund if: At Comedy Defensive Driving, we use Authorize.

Net, so you can be confident your data and personal information is secure.

As important as it is to us to make your defensive driving course fun and entertaining, it's even more important to us to teach you a thing or two about safe driving. In our course, you'll learn all about: Did you know that by voluntarily taking a defensive driving course, you can save money on your auto insurance?

Our course teaches best driving practices and habits, Texas traffic laws, and few original jokes to try out for good measure. Many insurance companies offer this incentive to drivers who take the initiative to improve their driving skills.

To get your ticket dismissed in court with our curriculum: IF YOU DO NOT LIKE YOUR COURSE OR CAN NOT FINISH FOR SOME REASON, SIMPLY CALL US FOR A REFUND.

If you need to cancel your registration at any time before completing the course, it’s no problem! We know things come up, and do our best to be as respectful of your needs as possible.

It’s annoying enough to get that traffic ticket, and we strive to make it, well…less annoying with great customer service!

You don’t have to wait to complete your defensive driving course to determine how to receive your certificate of course completion.

During registration you can choose a delivery method for your certificate that meets your personal needs and court deadlines.

For detailed information about driving records click here More Info.

As much as we'd love to think you signed up for our course for the jokes, we know taking a defensive driving course is one of those things you just have to do and get it over with.

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