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Born into Stalin's Russia, little is known in detail of his early life.Three things, however, were present that were to be important to his future film career; music, volumes of poetry, and illustrated art books and sacred images from the Russian Orthodox Church.Scenes often appear disconnected to viewers unaccustomed to Tarkovsky's style.Frequent flashbacks and jumps in time are the norm.Another major theme could be called 'the confrontation with otherness.' A character encounters someone who both expands and contradicts his view of the universe.

Tarkovsky received a classical education in Moscow, studying music and Arabic, before training for over five years at the State Institute of Cinematography, studying directly under Mikhail Romm, among others. From his early years, Tarkovsky expressed a desire to use the medium of film not only as entertainment or a sophisticated vehicle of propaganda, as Lenin had proposed, but as a means to speak to the soul of modern humanity.

There is the interpenetration of everyday reality with the metaphysical realm. Ordinary domestic scenes turn suddenly into dream and memory images.

This is seen for example in "Mirror" where the reflective glass often becomes a passage into another world or time.

There was commonly a wide public arena contrasted with the very intimate world of his main character's inner experience, all of which go through a spiritual crisis.

There is generally an exposure to the elements of nature in a powerful way, as if to contradict humanity's illusion of separateness from the forces of creation.

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His internal logic is more that of a Japanese Haiku, determined as it is by loaded images, than that of a linear, rational plot line.

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