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However, Banhart shared in 2009 that all was cool between the pixie-like starlet and the rocker. "I have always kept my private life private," Portman said of the news.

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Since splitting with rocker Devendra Banhart in September, Natalie Portman has not just one, but two suitors trying to win her heart.

She has been dating Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro “for about a month.

“Ryan is texting her all the time and asking her to hang out,” says the friend. Nothing has happened between them yet, but he certainly hopes it will.”, print edition, March 9, 2009] Natalie goes for dark-haired South American guys with scruff.

She was last dating folk singer Devendra Banhart, who is Venezuelan-American, and had an on-off relationship with hot Mexican actor Gael Garcéa Bernal for a while.

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Earlier this month, there was a rumor that the two had been casually dating for a few weeks.

So which is it, Natalie, are you choosing Ryan, Rodrigo or keeping your options open?

It’s early in the relationship and she’s young, but I can’t help but think of how cute her kids with Rodrigo would be.

Natalie Portman has found love and is about to start a family with her fiancé and "Black Swan" choreographer, Benjamin Millepied, but it's been a journey for the 29-year-old actress.

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