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The image quality is blurry and it seems the camera has been zoomed in all the way, the picture taken from even higher elevation.

The boxy stone and brick buildings are constructed in what I soon came to recognize as a standard Yemeni architectural style.

The device had been located: It was currently in Harlem, at the Reverend Dr. Towers, a housing project several blocks north of Central Park.

She had no idea how her phone had made the 120-mile trek from Montauk to Manhattan, but she had a surreal vision of it traveling on its own, facing the same choices any yuppie would face: Do you catch a ride in someone’s car? Or is it faster to hop on the Long Island Rail Road?

Around the same time Maura lost her phone, Matt Stopera, a staff writer for Buzz Feed, lost his in an East Village Bar; he ended up following it to China, where he became a minor celebrity.

Maura’s experience started in a similar way: When the pictures started showing up, she realized that she was linked to a Yemeni family in a way that would have been inconceivable a decade ago.

The next picture has no human figures: It is a row of seventeen Kalashnikov assault rifles.

Next picture: an exterior shot of five buildings—a compound, really—clustered dramatically at the edge of a rocky promontory.

The structures are built right up to the point where the rock sheers away into canyon.

When Maura got to her computer later that night, she went to her i Cloud account and selected Find My i Phone.

Since the phone was off, she wasn’t able to bring up a GPS-generated map of its location.

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Locally, it’s known as one vertex of the “Bermuda Triangle,” a trio of bars where sobriety and personal dignity tend to go missing under murky circumstances.

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