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After each kill, communicate with your team to see who needs bones the most.Bones to Peaches will be a primary form of food for you.YOU WILL REQUIRE A HAMMER IN ORDER TO GET INTO THE BANDOS STRONGHOLD.You can drop trick the hammer with one of your supplies by: Inside the Boss Room General Graardor You are now ready to face the boss! Then, your Tank should enter the room to grab aggro. As an attacker you will need to Protect from Range and use Ultimate Strength, and Incredible Reflexes.

WHILE YOU GET YOUR KILL COUNT, TAKE NOTE OF THE GOBLINS DROPPING HAMMERS.(BRING A DEFENDER WITH IT) Range: Armadyl crossbow/Toxic blowpipe Book of Law Use godswords for special attacks as they will prove more efficient than Blowpipe special.Prioritize using a Toxic Blowpipe over a Crossbow if you have 95 Range.If two attackers have Bandos godswords, they should stagger their Special Attacks so only one of them uses a special per kill.Be sure to communicate this with your other attackers.

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