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Dodesukaden online dating

This is especially true when you get to know what sort of films are nominated in what sort of prices — a Sundance film is obviously fairly different from an Oscar nominated film, which in turn is very different from a Berlinale nominated work.

Once you learn to navigate your way around different awards, you can really discover some interesting work by taking into consideration these “recommendations”.

These thoughts came and went while I was gazing at the screen. And we toasted vodka at the restaurant in the Film Institute.

Tarkovsky, who didn’t drink usually, drank a lot of vodka, and went so far as to turn off the speaker from which music had floated into the restaurant, and began to sing the theme of samurai from Kurosawa pays special attention to the sequence, which you can watch above analyzed by film scholars Vida Johnson and Graham Petrie, filmed in his own homeland: "What makes us shudder is the shot of the location of Akasakamitsuke, Tokyo, Japan.

Furthermore, winners generate discussion, which I think can only be good.

The Palm d’Or is the only reward with any true merit and nearly every great director has claim it, including Scorsese and Kurosawa.

I think that awards can be a fairly interesting measure and indicator of all sorts of things of social, cultural and financial nature.

Scorsese award to me was more out of pity then anything else.

The Departed is a good movie, but far from the masterpieces he has created in the past.

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), and Scorsese finally getting that prestigious 13.5 inch gold-plated statuette, I thought that it might be interesting to look back and see how Kurosawa’s films did at the Oscars throughout the years.

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