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Dating a professional basketball player

Davis, who was always a fun player to watch, told in 2016 that he hoped to make it back to the NBA after an untimely injury halted his career in 2012.

"In the back of my mind, I always thought about how I went out, being carted off of the [ Madison Square] Garden [court] on that stretcher," he told the .

An insider spotted Chloe on a date with Memphis Grizzlies player Chandler Parsons at the romantic Los Angeles Italian eatery Pace this past Friday night.

CONAN: MELANIE IS A HUGE BASKETBALL FAN AND I ASKED HER TO GO ON TINDER LAST NIGHT AND RIGHT SWIPE ON ANY NBA PLAYER SHE CAME ACROSS AND FIRST OF ALL, THANK YOU FOR DOING THAT. The social media responses were a mashup of film Twitter, published a report on the potential romance on Wednesday, a tipster telling the magazine the two were "talking, laughing and having a great time." They seemed "infatuated with each other" and "very much like a new couple in love." Dern, 50, split with her ex-husband, musician Ben Harper, four years ago.Davis' wife, Isabella Brewster, filed for divorce this year.Small-town boy turned big-time basketball star Luke Kennard has fully jumped into a rock-star life.He cut his hair, which he famously tossled frequently during his Duke basketball career over the last two seasons, on Thursday before becoming a millionaire when the Detroit Pistons drafted him in the first round of the NBA Draft.

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