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Rapp was one of the main who was involved in the cover up of US involvement in the Rwandan Genocide.The Asian Tribune readers may recall that Stephen Rapp in his capacity as the State Department’s War Crimes Issues chief who prepared and released a document in October 2009 with ambiguous evidence which accused Sri Lanka of violating international humanitarian laws during the final (Jan-May 2009) stage of the battle with separatist/terrorist Tamil Tigers (LTTE). You made sure I had the time to think, to wonder and to evolve. Teach us how to listen, how to open up and be emphatic toward each other. I don’t know how to be vulnerable without panicking. I am so used to make decisions that I forgot how to stop and hesitate. I knew that when time comes I will make the right move. We developed a customer support organization in order to have a holistic customer view. Don’t send us to some remote location for a senior management development event that will help us grow lonely together. Set up a place and time for me to spend with my people wondering, communicating and exploring. Help my people put their armors aside for one hour every couple of weeks.

One of the mysterious deaths known to the Asian Tribune network was a UN professional who worked to unearth the evidence of the Rwandan genocide – a Sri Lankan Shyamlal Rajapaksa who happened to be a first cousin of the present president of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Esta cadeira tubular estava um bagaço, coitada, quase que a deixei para trás na última mudança, mas como nada está perdido nesta vida, dei uma reformada na coitada e agora estai aí, toda “clean”.

Reparem no tecido, foi comprado na Revest, aqui em São José, dá pra ficar louca nesta loja com a variedade de estampas e material para tapeçaria, que agora é minha nova paixão, estou a fim de sair estofando tudo, meu próximo trabalho será um baú, quero dar uma garibada nele e colocar no meu quarto, só não sei o que fazer com a quantidade de revista de decoração e artesanato que tem dentro, bom, mas isso é um assunto para próxima postagem.

The main feature is a concert filmed at Solnahallen in Solna, Sweden on May 26, 1986.

Interviews, unreleased pictures from the Final Countdown tour and biography are included as bonus material.

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