1692 error updating bootrom

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I would also choose to see my video at the top whenever extra real-estate is available. Matthew This is bug report for VLC Version 1.1.6 The Luggage (Intel 64bit) on Mac OS X 10.6.6.

I regularly transfer transport stream files from a Topfield PVR to my PC.Using nightly build vlc-1.2.0-pre3-20111223-1143-win32. Converting a movie file overwrites the source file if the destination file name is the same, resulting in the loss of the original data file.Error message is: VLC can't recognize the input's format: The format of ' My specific preference is that even though I have wide screen displays, some files are even wider and I watch foreign movies, so the transport/subtitles/hardcoded subtitles sometimes all use the same location, so the transport covers other information.So the problem is: When I go forward on any movie, VLC (version: 0.8.6d) freeze for (aprox.) 3 seconds, and the start the film from the begining!I got this error: main: picture 0x1a3e234 refcount is -1 main: seek failed for slave 0 - Hey folks, I am using VLC 0.8.6e, on win32, vista.

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I've been working with the remote control access to VLC and if I connect and do whatever, then stop my controlling program (close the IP connection to VLC) without sending logoff, VLC goes into a state that takes about 50% of my processor resources and I can no longer connect to it.

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